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Hosting Options

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The CREATOR content management system is inlcuded with all of our hosting plans. Most website hosting packages include all CMS and shopping cart features. All web hosting prices all include free web statistics. 

Web hosting is the fee you must pay to rent space on our high speed servers so that your website will be available to general public of the Internet even when your computer is switched off. We have servers located in Auckland, Sydney, London and Dallas, and we deliver full speed international traffic unlike some other providers. Sorry you cannot use our CMS software with other web hosts.

Powerful content management and website wizards to create and update your website are provided at no extra cost with all of our web hosting products. Everything is included in one monthly hosting fee.  There are no minimum terms contract and discounts is you pay annually.

All prices exclude GST.

Hosting Plans (Including CREATOR CMS)

Almost all features come with all hosting plans from standard upwards, including ecommerce and bulk emailer. The difference between hosting plans is the traffic allowance and level of usage of key services. 

Plan Name Traffic 
File Space Pages
Bulk Emails
Per Month
Hosting Fee
Monthly Plans
Domain Parking 0 MB 0 MB 0 0 0 NO FREE
Placeholder 1 512 MB 1 MB 1 0 1 NO 7.00 /mth
Brochure 5 1.0 GB 5 MB 5 0 3 NO 15.00 /mth
Beginner 25 2.0 GB 40 MB 25 100 4 YES 25.00 /mth
Beginner 500 4.0 GB 100 MB 500 1000 7 YES 40.00 /mth
Intermediate 1500 6.0 GB 250 MB 1500 3000 12 YES 60.00 /mth
Intermediate 2500 8.0 GB 400 MB 2500 6000 30 YES 80.00 /mth
Intermediate 4000 10.0 GB 600 MB 4000 10000 40 YES 100.00 /mth
High Use 5000 13.0 GB 900 MB 5000 15000 45 YES 125.00 /mth
High Use 6000 16.0 GB 1200 MB 6000 20000 50 YES 150.00 /mth
High Use 10000 25.0 GB 1200 MB 10000 30000 100 YES 200.00 /mth
Annual Plans (Discounted)
Email only Hosting N/A N/A 0 0 5 NO 60.00 /yr
Placeholder 1 512 MB 1 MB 1 0 1 NO 70.00 /yr
Brochure 5 1.0 GB 5 MB 5 0 3 NO 160.00 /yr
Beginner 25 2.0 GB 40 MB 25 100 4 YES 260.00 /yr
Intermediate 500 4.0 GB 100 MB 500 1000 7 YES 410.00 /yr
Intermediate 1500 6.0 GB 250 MB 1500 3000 12 YES 650.00 /yr
Intermediate 2500 8.0 GB 400 MB 2500 6000 30 YES 850.00 /yr


  • Content management is included free with all plans
  • Shopping cart included with most plans, lower plans subject to product/order limits.
  • Email POP accounts included with all hosting plans, but limited numbers per website. There is no limit on email aliases or forwarding addresses. Each POP account has a maxium filespace of 100MB. Autoresponders provided free.
  • Web statistics are included free with all plans on a domain name basis.
  • All features including forums and password protected pages are included with most hosting plans. However, each hosting plan in subject to maximums.
  • Please enquire for more detailed information.

Extra Charges

  • Domain name registration and renewals are additional to the hosting fees above. 
  • Training is not provided for free. Limited support and advice is free, but step by step training is not. 
  • Design services, setup services, and all other labour. We look forward to helping you, but we charge for our time.
  • Support for teaching you about HTML/CSS/CSV and other advanced features is excluded. Throughout the system there is detailed instructions for the page you are on.
  • Excess traffic fees may apply if you exceed your hosting plan. Unlike some other web hosts with no excess traffic fees, we do not slow down your international traffic. All users in NZ and worldwide get the maximum user experience. If you exceed the traffic allowance, then fees apply. It is your responsibility to monitor and plan for your own traffic. We do provide free web statistics and attempt to email a warning message when you get to 80%.
  • Email services are provided with each hosting plan, but we do not provide email support for setting up email software (such as Outlook etc). Our email support is limited to ensuring the "server side" is ok. If you are unable to setup your own email account, please contact us for support.  A charge will be applicable.

Free Parking / Email Only Hosting Plans

You can park your domain names for free.  Email hosting is charged at $60 per year. The annual fee is charged at the same time your domain name is renewed.  If you change to a web hosting plan any unused months will be credited to your first months web hosting fee.


If you pay your web hosting fee annually we will effectively get two months free. 

Payment Options

Payments via Paypal, personal cheque and automatic payments or online banking are all acceptable.
First month must be paid in advance. Thereafter you pay on invoice. We send invoices at the twelfth each calendar month. No minimum term contracts.

Additional Information

Our servers are housed in the ICONZ data center:

  • Top level Tier-1 data centre.
  • Optimised airflow distribution, climate controlled environment, fire detection system.
  • Redundant parallel UPS with backup diesel generator.
  • High-speed connectivity with multiple fibre-optic upstream links.
  • 100 Mbps burstable national bandwidth and 500 kbps dedicated international bandwidth. 

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